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Phone Card Printing Services, No longer Profitable.

In 1990 New York's Regional Bell Operating Company (RBOC) created the first non-magstripe phone card. These newly invented phone cards worked similar to phone cards. They require dialing a toll free access number and using a PIN (Personal Identification Number) to place charges on your account. The new system provides more versatility with phone cards. Allowing use any phone nationwide. 

For the next few years phone cards continue to prosper. By 1998 most major telecommunication companies had released their own brand of phone cards. Cards were no longer using the magstripe and had completely switched over to an access number and PIN.
Like the dot com boom, the phone card market exploded. Industry-wide revenues reached 12 million dollars. While sales for future years were expected to double. Just one year later in 1999 calling card sales reached an unpredicted high of 25 million dollars. Sales continued to grow reaching 650 million dollars by 2004. Between 2005 and 2008 sales continued to rise exponentially soaring over 4 billion dollars.

Now in days with pre-paid mobile phones and internet service providers users no longer are in need of prepaid phone cards, production of phone cards went down considerably, phone card manufacturers are changing their core business  for a more attractive card product like plastic cards


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