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Challenges Facing the Plastic Card Printing Businesses

Just like many other businesses, the plastic card manufacturing faces several difficulties in its operations. The first problem encountered in plastic card printing is lack of finance. To achieve the most efficient production where the speed is prompt and wastage is reduced due to the use of the latest technology, the acquisition of the new or latest equipment finance is needed. Many plastic card printer lack the means to gain finance to upgrade their factories. The financing available to the plastic card printing firms is restrictive; it comes with harsh terms and conditions such as high interest rates and the demand for collaterals.

The next challenge faced by any plastic card printer is the high cost of materials. In some cases the plastic card printing materials have to be sourced from remote locations thus the transportation and taxation raises. The plastic card manufacturing materials are also double taxed or high taxation is burdened on them. The plastic card manufacturing materials also attract extra costs such as warehousing due to the need to buy in bulk to save through the economies of scale. The problem of the material problem is compounded by the lack of sound financial backing which could enable the plastic card printer to stock in bulk materials thus enjoy cost cuts that would then be reflected in the prices given to the customers.

The third challenge faced by the plastic card manufacturing businesses is lack of enough market for all the players. Many plastic card printing customers are still tied to the traditional paper printing which is fast becoming obsolete due to the efforts of conserving the environment through reduced deforestation. The entry of the digital and online printing has given the plastic card printing industry a great blow. Most of the plastic card printing customers who have online businesses source their printing from online publishers of soft copies thus the plastic card printer lose the opportunity to make money.

The plastic card printing industry is also challenged by the issue of security having in mind that they sometimes need to process some sensitive plastic card printing jobs such as the membership cards, access cards or card personalization. These types of products need extra security to safeguard them from illegal duplication or counterfeiting; if this happens, the proper usage of the plastic cards is compromised. The threat extends to the security of the customers’ personal information and the companies’ assets; the modern plastic card manufacturing equipment is in high demand across the globe making criminals steal them and export them to places that they are in demand and cannot be easily discovered.

There is also the lack of funding for research and development of newer technology, materials and skills.

Many governments have little interest in the plastic card printing save for the taxation. This makes very little of the revenues gained to be ploughed back to the industry.