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Mobile Gift Cards are Just Digital Gift Cards … or Are They?


If every mobile gift card program could mirror the success of Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts, card issuers would be thrilled. For now, very few mobile gift cards have reached that level of success, but every gift card platform provider knows it needs a mobile strategy in place.

During the session, “Gift Cards Gone Mobile,” executives from InComm, Blackhawk Network, Gyft and CashStar, explained how they’re making it possible to deliver gift cards through mobile devices along with location-based loyalty and marketing programs.

So far, these mobile gift cards are largely an extension of digital or virtual cards, but they’re differentiated because they allow consumers to redeem by using a mobile device at the point of sale.

Unfortunately, there are still issues with redemption, whether cards rely on QR codes, SMS or contactless payments. Retailers have said their biggest problem with mobile payments is a dirty phone screen that prohibits them from scanning QR codes, for example.
Still the winner the classic plastic gift card, manufacture by Allstate Printing & Graphics, we also specialize in gift card carrier printing we take care of your project from design to distribution. 

Beyond acceptance issues, retailers simply don’t see mobile payments as a priority, and they won’t until they can find an app that provides obvious value – in other words, they’re looking for Starbucks-like loyalty. 

Card Printing Production Process

We are a quick, efficient and top quality provider of card products with personalization. We have established a team of more than 100 well trained production staff in our USA plant to meet the most challenging task of card production in the field of Telecom, Banking, Retailing, Gaming...etc

  1. Paper or plastic Telephone scratch off cards – capacity over 2 million cards per day.
  2. Plastic or Paper  POSA gift cards with Magnetic stripe – encoding capacity over 200,000 cards per day.
  3. In house graphic design team – from concept to finish, we are here to help create your product from sketch.
  4. Card packaging & labeling service – from individual wrapping to bundle shrink wrap to barcoding, we meet the toughest retail packaging and barcoding requirements in the world.
  5. Warehousing and inventory management – we can pre-print, stock and ship based on your distribution needs. All to be managed by our computerized inventory system with destinations reaching 5 continents.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.