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Scratch card design and Print Services

Besides the internet, another important tool to boost one’s business is through scratch cards. The scratch cards are used extensively for gaming purposes, lottery, marketing campaigns, fund raising events, store opening etc. The excitement that is generated after having scratched the scratch card, surpass all the other means of campaigning.
  • This small rectangular bundle of surprise is popular among the young and old alike.
  • The low cost of the scratch cards is one of the major reasons for its popularity.
  • The consumers demand for scratch cards can be increased with a little effort.
There are different types of scratch cards available to suit any campaign. Whether it’s used as marketing tool or as a gaming tool, scratch card is everybody’s popular choice. The scratch cards are called by different names for different purposes.

  • The second chance sweepstakes can increase the demand of scratch cards. This also reduces the problem of littering.
  • The scratch and win cards have a film of latex which covers the vital information and has to be scratched to find the prize.
  • The break-opens are the scratch cards that are used in the bingo halls as bingo cards.
  • These have concealed information which the buyer has to break so as to find the winning combination.
  • The scratch cards are mostly available in a regular size of 100mmX 50mm. But one can customize the size also.
  • The super scratch cards are the bigger ones of 135mm X 97mm size.
  • One can have scratch cards which have different colors on them or the ones which are monochromes.
  • You can also customize the scratch cards with different color combinations on the front and back.
  • Though scratch cards are the fun addiction and irresistible means of advertisement, they are also used by
  • telecommunication companies for providing top up credit. This proves that the scratch cards fully adhere to all the security standards.

Clamshell Blister Packaging Service

Blister packs have been a popular choice in packaging for many years, providing a cost-effective means of effectively displaying a product line. Besides providing custom blister packaging and sealing solutions, Allstate also offers gang runs and stock blisters for a great looking product at a reduced cost. We use a variety of blister types, including face seal, trap, mock, interactive and slide. Our solutions are also available with multiple blister sealing options like SBS, E flute, Tyvek, Foil and Nature Lock, which provide you with a cost-effective and great-looking product.

A blister package is made up of two separate elements: a transparent plastic cavity shaped to the product and its blister board backing. These two elements are then joined together with a heat sealing process, which allows product to be hung or displayed.