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The Magic of Plastic Card Printing


The Plastic Card printing industry is one of the fastest growing work fields. People are always surrounded with cards such as, SIM card, phone card, scratch off card, hotel card, some membership card, sale activation card and many more. All the cards are made up of plastic. With the changing demands of customers, the card printing team has developed itself to supply high quality secure cards in a new way. The plastic card printing solutions introduce cards, whether plastic or paper, that can be customized and personalized according to the customer. The card printing solutions are energetic, very effective and top quality providers of card products with specialization. The card printing team consists of qualified and experienced staff that meets the most competitive tasks of card production in fields of banking, retailing, telecommunication, hospitality, travel and many more.

The main focus of the card printing unit is to improve the quality, size, design and security features of the cards they produce. They also provide you the most cost effective products. The printing solution can make scratch off cards with the use of plastic. They can prepare the sales activation card with the use of magnetic strip. The card packaging and labeling service wrap up the bar coding and meet the vigorous retailing requirements. The graphic design team of the printing solution helps people to create your product from sketch. The production team can print the cards in advance and store the cards in stock and ship it later on according to the distribution needs of the customer. All the products and its stock are managed in a computerized structure.
Many of the card manufacturers offer customized scratch off card printing. The scratch off card is a great marketing tool. It is used for promotions, gaming and postcards. The product that is offered with a scratch off card attracts customer’s attention and readership. It creates an excitement among consumers to see what they may win. This increases the sales of the product or service that you offer. The card printing solution can help you in adding scratch off cards with variable numbers, locations, images, winning numbers, etc. to your next promotion. This creates a buzz of excitement amongst customers.

The card printing solution offer various types of  gift card printing which includes mini gift cards, hanging gift cards and special die-cut gift card. They also offer various types of plastic card printing including plastic phone cards, plastic gift cards, plastic membership card, plastic casino cards, plastic business card, plastic fundraising, plastic promotional cards, plastic key fobs and key tags, plastic VIP cards and many more. All the cards are made up of plastic with a signature panel, bar-coding and scratch off panel. All of them are made of different sizes and customized or personalized according to customer needs.

 The customer service team at Allstate card Solutions is keenly interested to fulfill your needs. They can help you suggest that how and which card suits your needs better.

Plastic Card Printing is Better Than Paper Printing?


People have always been a fan of cards that are an essential tool for displaying one’s identity. It is that sole piece of paper that was needed to display the information related to a company and had other details such as contact details, address as well as E-mail ID’s. Till date, it continues to have an impact on your clients like never seen before. People use such cards at meetings or parties and even after consultancy sessions. Such is the state that these are handed out to potential clients at every possible event, be it a meeting or even a social gathering. These are important not only for the organization but also for the person representing such a firm. It has all the details regarding the designation of the individual along with information such as personal ID details and contact numbers. They are cheap affordable and being made of paper, they can be bought in bulk. Probably the greatest benefit that such business cards have is that they can be customized to suit the needs of the organization that is getting them printed. You may even tweak the shape and size of such accessories to better represent what the company stands for.
However, there is a flaw with such paper products. Wear and tear is something that people have had to deal with ever since their concept came into existence. Luckily for people, there is always a solution for everything and this is the case here too. People have always experimented with several products over time and then come up with something better. Plastic is one such material that has found itself being used in a number of products ranging from bottles to even business cards. Plastic card printing has come out as the number one contender to grab this title from its paper counterpart. These have become very popular over the years and there are several advantages that they have over paper products.

Paper is biodegradable material, which means that while it respects the environment and adheres with the natural elements well, there are some flaws which cannot be overlooked. Being soft in nature, it begins to fold and tear away from the corners. This may spoil the brand name or other such important details that are usually at the corners. Even though there are many varieties available, all of them begin to degrade with time. They end up in dustbins and trash bags and are rendered useless for any further use.
Plastic cards work upon the above flaws in many ways. One of the most notable differences is the ease at which textures and designs can be printed on them. Gift cardprinting is always easier on this material as it can be tweaked and customized to suit the client’s needs. Being durable, it can also be engraved upon. There are many companies that allow you to print custom designs and artwork like logos and other details that were previously only possible with the plastic. You can come across many websites that offer the best deals and packages.