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How does Allstate achieve such a high #? A combination of state of the art equipment & a production staff with a decade of experience.

Allstate’s equipment arsenal includes 5 Videojet PrintPro ink jetting machines with a 2” print area that utilize MEK fast drying inks to streamline production. Allstate also operates an HP head that can cover a 4” print area with superior print quality and pinpoint accuracy.

These machines provide Allstate with numerous competitive advantages:
High speed that surpass other technologies

Dry on any surface including UV coated materials, plastic, etc

256 Jets per print head which provides lifelike resolution

Simple set up and flexibility to turn over jobs in minutes

Allstate’s quality and speed have gained the trusted business of the leaders in the prepaid calling card industry such as IDT, STI, and Locus. In addition Allstate handles Finish Line’s Winners Circle Membership cards which are all run on our VideoJet PrintPro machines.

Review Series / X/S PCS makes prepaid wireless easy and fun!

X/S PCS gives you the freedom to decide when, where and how much you use your X/S PCS phone. No hidden daily charges or daily fees- just a great rate - anytime, day or night!

Allstate Printing and Packaging services makes it so easy for us to quickly package our phone!. They are just amazing! All we do is send them the phones in bulk. They sort the phones, put them into numerical order based on ESN. They are packed into plastic clamshells and they even print the INSERTS for US!! Their services are awesome and turnaround time is spectacular. Highly recommend to anyone who has packaging needs. Their online printing services are also a great tool for fast processing of your orders!
Allstate printing also manufactures our recharge cards by ulitizing high quality 12pt paper and printing on their 5 color Komori Press! The cards are then coated with super gloss UV giving them that special professional presentation and offsetting them from the competition!

Case Study Series - The Finish Line loyalty program

“No matter what your game is or where the roads take you, Finish Line has the mall's best selection of athletic footwear for the entire family. Join the Finish Line Winner's Circle preferred customer program, and you will receive exclusive benefits:

Earn a $20 reward certificate every time you spend $200 at Finish Line in 12 months. *
Get special member discounts on the best footwear and apparel.
Get Finish Line magazine and other insider looks at the latest stuff.”

Behind the scenes look at how those special reward cards are actually manufactured and produced by Allstate Printing!!

The cards are produced with high quality 30mil PVC material with full 4 colors on the front side and one color on the reverse side. The sheets are glossy on both sides but we also use a special UV coating to make the front glossier! We print on large sheets and then we use a special die to cut all the cards. Imagine a giant cookie cutter! This cookie cutter has the small round hole on the side of the card for you to use your keyring to and also has a perforation to tear off the keycard from the credit card size part. You can use the key part for your keychain and also use the credit size part for your wallet!

After the cards are all cut, then we work on the data! We are provided data by FINISH LINE through our specialized and very secure servers and we format this data into human readable format and into barcodes. This data is then ink-jetted by utilizing our specialized process called DOD. The data is DOD inkjetted to both the card portion and on the key card.

After all cards are inkjetted with the barcodes, they go through our final Quality Control inspection. Then they are moved to packaging and distributed to over 700 Finish Line stores nation wide!
Over 10million of these cards have been exclusively manufactured by ALLSTATE PRINTING!!!