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Card Printing by Key Market Served

There are over 30 billion manufactured cards in circulation around the world with more than 8.6 billion in North America and nearly 5 billion in Europe alone, encompassing a range of categories that include credit/debit cards, pre-paid phone cards, membership cards and gift cards. Cards represent a value to the global economy of more than $17 billion, almost $4 billion to the European economy and nearly $2.4 billion to the North American economy* (*ICMA 2011 Global Market Statistics Report). There are different markets Where the card industry plays an important game as a market inovator, Prepaid Calling Card Market, Prepaid Gift Card Market, Prepaid POSA Market, Prepaid Wireless Market, Hotel & Resort Market, Membership & Reward Industry, Music & Game Industry, Pharmaceutical & Health Industry, Prepaid Card Packaging.

The global card industry faces unprecedented challenges from a supply and demand and production perspective, and each market dictates different ways to handle each card production Project, Manufacturers like Allstateprinting are allways ready to impact the future of each different card market with new technologies, standards and evolving operational issues changing the way cards are designed, manufactured and secured; new card market opportunities and categories as well as expanded opportunities in existing markets such as pre-paid, gift and environmentally-sustainable cards; more rapid and cost-effective ways to design, personalize, and produce quality cards and get them to market, and better methods the card industry as a whole can employ to measure its performance.

Our advanced award winning technology enables your company to stay one step ahead of the competition. As a privately owned American card producer, We have the ability to respond extremely fast to market changes and customer requests. In addition, Our customers have the advantages of working with an organization that is large enough to be able to invest substantially into technology to provide leading edge and innovative solutions in card printing.