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Free Gift Cards Bring in More Than They Give Away

If you’ve ever booked a trip with Expedia.com, you’ve probably received an email at some point this summer offering a free $50 gift card in exchange for booking a trip, renting a car or reserving a hotel room.

Expedia is one of dozens of major retailers, both physical stores and ecommerce sites, that are using giveaway gift cards to spur sales at a time when retail numbers are dismally low. Analysts say these gift cards – some of which have hefty value – are helping retailers by drawing in more customers at a cheaper rate than traditional ad campaigns. For gift card suppliers, giveaway cards may become a stable source of revenue from retailer clients.

The success of giveaway card programs hinges on the two concepts that the cards will first draw in a larger number of customers and then that consumers will spend more than the initial value of the card. Thus far, studies show that consumers spend more than the value of a gift card, whether it was given as a gift or as a retail incentive.

Safety & Security!

Allstate is a preferred card vendor in North America and is authorized to manufacture card products for reputed merchants. Allstate follows a systematic card vendor approval procedure which involves qualification to criteria such as:

1. Credit Review
2. Security Inspection
3. Insurance Policy
4. Quality Process and more.

Employees / Visitors / Agents

Allstate follows strict screening procedures during pre-employment, employment and post-employment period of Full-time, Part-time, Temporary employees, Consultants, Security Guards.
The employee background information is verified from reputed verification agencies and these employee records are maintained in employee files for security reviews.
All new employees undergo an orientation and training program involving roles and responsibility, company product lines, internal security policy, employee behavior etc.
Every employee and security guard is issued an ID badge and access card to be used in certified facility.
All visitors are seated in a separate reception area. Their access to this area is through an electronically operated door controlled via a security system.
Visitors are not allowed into the company premises with photo or video cameras, tape recorders etc. They are issued Visitor badges and access cards into certified facility.
A Visitor log book is maintained at the reception area which has daily visitor records.
Agents/ third party personnel allowed in company premises have to follow all the above procedures and an activity log is maintained with Agent details.

Manufacturer Qualifications

The U.S. gift card market has proven to be highly profitable for printers, plastics decorators and card manufacturers that supply the gift card manufacturing niche. The capital investment needed to enter the market for manufacturing gift cards are relatively modest, especially for businesses that already have some of the printing equipment and/or finishing equipment used in gift card manufacture.Understanding this market requires knowledge of the equipment and tooling involved in gift card manufacturing, and the ability to meet market demand for design flexibility.A decade ago, in the U.S., gift cards were a rarity and commonly perceived as a second rate gift card choice. By the time the 2005 holiday season was over, this dynamic had changed, and 76% of adults had purchased one or more gift cards.