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Phone Card Printing Companies & Search Engine Ranking

Each year, Google changes its search algorithm up to 500 – 600 times. While most of these changes are minor, every few months Google rolls out a “major” algorithmic update that affect searchresults in significant ways. one of these changes happened last march, and affected the phone card printing industry also.

Publishing content just for the heck of traffic is not a good idea anymore. This is the main reason why Google made the update – because a lot of sites build a lot of content just to attract more visitors, here in the case of Phone card Printing Companies there are a couple of them that advertise their selfs as a card printing companies, but they are just brokers they are in the Brokerage business, they don’t really care about the quality of the content as much as we do, check our production video gallery, is just a glimpse of Who We really are you can see our different processes in action.

We have to always keep in mind that people want real, useful, quality content – and Google is just trying its best to deliver us what we desire. True, there may have been some unforseen and perhaps unjust casualties, but that’s why it’s called a "change" I’m sure Google will try to patch things up in due time.

You should be more mindful of the things that you publish. Make sure it’s unique, original and helpful to people. Don’t make articles just to suck-up to search engines as some people do. Perhaps you can be the one to rank first for that keyword phrase that you want since they’re getting kicked off the picture.

Here at Allstate Printing & Graphics, our main concern is content. Our existing and prospective Customers can benefit their self’s if asking questions about our printing business. Our brand new website www.allstateprint.com is the answer to their questions, each page was developed with one purpose in mind, "inform" we know information is a key to conversions and on the other hand our users are our first priority. Why don't optimize our content if at the end we will win. By the way, before I forget, we are still ranking high!