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SIM Card Packaging Solution

The most prominent application of smart card technology is in Subscriber Identity Modules (SIM), required for all phone systems under the Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) standard. Each phone utilizes the unique identifier, stored in the SIM, to manage the rights and privileges of each subscriber on various networks. This use case represents over half of all smart cards consumed each year. The Universal Subscriber Identification Modules (USIM) is also being used to bridge the identity gap as phones transition between GSM, UTMS, and 3G network operators.
Allstate advanced award winning technology enables your company to stay one step ahead of the competition. As a privately owned American card producer, Allstate has the ability to respond extremely fast to market changes and customer requests. In addition, Allstate customers have the advantages of working with an organization that is large enough to be able to invest substantially into technology to provide leading edge and innovative solutions in smart cards.
Allstate professionals can also assist you in defining your SIMCard parameters such as:
  • Identifying the most cost-effective chip for your company's needs.
  • Recommending first-class operating systems that are accepted by international institutions,
  • Referring and advising application providers for access control, loyalty, payment in closed environments or libraries, etc.
  • Helping you with the personalization and issuance of the cards.
Allstate Offers Design, production and packaging services for your SIM card Project, we continue to lead the industry and card market by delivering the latest in SIM card manufacturing.
Our systems are also capable of adding security features to your card. Our smart card experts will create your card body and embed your specific modules according to ISO standards and your specifications.