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Major Clients to Plastic Cards Manufacturing Companies

With the acclaimed popularity of plastic cards, the clients who frequent the plastic card manufacturing companies are sprawling in all sectors of the economy. The most common client is the banking sector. Banking plastic card printing can be termed as one of the common activity of majority plastic card manufacturing companies. In obtaining a plastic card printer, the features must be thoroughly evaluated since ATMs require magnetic stripe encoding. A well suited plastic card printer for printing banking cards should have the required features to facilitate swift encoding process and to avoid out sourcing of a plastic card printer with an encoding capacity as this will lead to increased costs and consequently a reduction in the total profits gained by the plastic card manufacturing company.
Telecommunication sector also orders a remarkable supply of plastic cards thus joining the plastic card printing companies’ list of key customers. Many customers will prefer to use a phone card/ calling card due to the high level of efficiency and convenience. The plastic card manufacturing companies produce a vast range of calling cards using varied plastic card printing designs to suit the customer specifications. Mobile companies also use plastic cards mainly where the phone SIM card is attached. The mobile phone plastic card contain important information such as the pin numbers which are aimed at enhancing the privacy and confidentiality of the mobile phone owner since the access to the mobile phone is limited through the secret pin numbers. The serial number on the reverse side of the card is accompanied by a barcode and this explains why a plastic card manufacturing company many need to acquire a highly specialised plastic card printer capable of carrying out barcode encoding.
The plastic card manufacturing companies are supplying in bulk to many retail shops. The popularity of loyalty cards which can either be membership cards or privilege cards have highly boosted the market for plastic card printing companies. Loyalty cards enable frequent and loyal customer to be given special services that are not accorded to other customers who do not frequent the retail shops. Most loyalty cards made by plastic card manufacturing companies are discount cards. Loyalty cards printed using modern plastic card printer are being used by many retailers as strategic marketing tools to enhance customer loyalty since the clients will tend to frequent the shopping joints where they are likely to receive special treatment and discounts. The plastic card printing companies also manufactures pre-paid cards that can be used in making purchases until the balance falls to zero.
Airlines and hospitality sectors also demand large volumes of plastic cards from the various plastic card manufacturing organisations. These include travel cards and hotel key cards. Usually a plastic card printer is generally expensive with the main suppliers of plastic card printer are Italy and China. The plastic card printing company should always ensure that the purchase of plastic card printer is well planned since it’s an expensive investment and room for error should not be left. The whole graphic design and plastic card printing process should be well supervised and monitored to enhance quality.